Wessex weekender July 2014

Friday continued

Caught the bus to Ringwood, which started 20 minutes late and got stuck in traffic. The air conditioner did not work and passengers were complaining. Ended up 1.5 hours late.

Allan was there in his old Rolls Royce waiting for us. A quick call in to their house to pick up Pam then off to a local pub for meal. Pub named ‘Old Pub’

Pam and Allan, have lovely old thatch cottage about 15 minutes from Ringwood which Allan has added to and renovated over the year. They also have added a garage for the 1964 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud and a 1938 Humber limousine of which there are only 9 in the world.Plus a barn for their married son’s Artic pony.   Cottage is named Strawberry Cottage.


A late rising to a breakfast of fruit, yogurt and cereal then off to an auction in Ringwood where Alan wanted to bid for some old books and a mountain bikes. Both went for higher prices than Alan was willing to spend. For the books there were book traders down from London who paid more and will sell them for a lot more in London. There was a lot of old dark stained furniture that sold very cheaply.

An ornate side cabinet for 75 pounds and low cabinet for 10.

After a lunch prepared by Pam at Strawberry Cottage Alan, Dave and I sent for a drive to Poole and Bournemount. Back by 6pm at which time Martin had turned up.

Leaving Pam at home we walked to local pub about 50 metres away. It is a tiny quaint pub calleled The Cross Keys. We were the only people there other than the bar attendant and owner until Jackie and Steve [more hash people we have known for years] turned up. Steve has actually stayed at our house in NZ, just as we had started building. I think he stayed for a couple of weeks. While we had another beer or cider the local old guys turned up for their nightly beer and meal. They had very broad Dorset accents and this made the atmosphere in the pub.

Back to Strawberry Cottage of lovely pork roast and vegetables followed by homemade icecream


A lazy morning including putting the horse out to graze. The horse is put into its stalls for the night, as if he is left out he eats too much and he is fat enough already. It is a trait of his bred that they eat constantly.

Midday we all climbed into the Rolls off to the Wessex weekly hash run. This weeks run was a family affair and a fundraiser for the Cancer Society. The start and finish was from another old pub called Holme Bush. There was BBQ, raffles – pick a bottle and get wine or water. The odds were not high and I only saw one person get a bottle filled with wine. The other raffle was better were you won from a selection of small gifts. Although neither Dave or myself won anything.

The run/walk was 4.8 [short] and 8 miles [long]. As per our hash the average age in increasing. About 40 adults and children turned up. An old steam roller also arrived. The drivers here are a lot more patient on the narrow roads when passing the slow moving vehicles, bikes and horse/carts we see every now and again.

Back to Pam and Alans for another lovely dinner, this time whole fish cooked in bag with green salad and small potatoes.


Pam and I visited Pam’s mother who lives in a Social Service apartment building. The tenants purchase their apartment with the 25% of value of the prior home selling price. She then pays directly for own care as required. We all visited Pam and Alan’s son and daughter law cottage. This is a heritage cottage that they are trying to get permission to extend and considering they are expecting their 3rd child they are hoping to get permission soon, although they have been turned down many times already. It is a small cottage, with low doors, small rooms, heavy beams, modern fire range which heats the water and is there only cooking except for a toaster and kettle.

Our bus back to London this time had the air conditioner working and got to London on time.

Back to J&W place even though we got separated when getting onto one of the underground trains we found our way successfully back to the apartment separately.

Again another excellent meal cooked by Josh – roast chicken and salads.


A lazy morning, then off to the Churchill War Room museum. Interesting and we were there for about 2 hours. It was a little confusing in parts when the display tracked back into Churchill past prior to the War period. I lost contact with Dave while in the museum and decided to sit outside in the warm sun watching the tourist line up to enter. It pays to come early to the tourist attractions. Dave emerged about ½ hour later, saying that he had been looking for me all over the place within the display. I think this is a common occurrence as I watched a few people exit then go back in, presumably to look for others they were with.


A visit to PSHealth to have a viewing of their software. PSHealth are located on Waterloo Road, therefore a pleasant walk from Josh and Wills. The weather continues to be lovely although a little on the warm side.

Spent the afternoon watching Tour de France on TV and reorganising the food cupboards as Josh seems to buy things without first looking if they have them already. It is difficult to see what they have as the cupboards are deep.

The first of the Hash event is on tonight.. CLAWS meeting at 5:30pm at the Civil Service Club in New Scotland Yard Ave, by the Mall. See the next post.