USA & Canada trip – the wedding

Saturday 17th August. – 5pm

The wedding of Laura and Sam went well. Sam is the son of Dave and Triss [Dave’s sister] cousin.

The ceremony was held outside on the grass and was short and sweet. followed by a sit down reception with lots of food including salads, potato, battered oyster etc. A couple of speeches by the brides maid [brides sister] and the best man. Plenty of wine, with a tip jar out for the wine pourers. DJ music which was rather loud and who was asked to turn the music down at 10:30. Dessert were s’mores which is local delicacy consisting of roast large marshmallow on the open fire, put on top of chocolate square between two crackers. Very sweet and the marshmallow became very char coaled. We were in bed by 1:00am.

Wedding ceremony2x Wedding ceremony3x

Wedding ceremony

Wedding cutting the cakeWedding us at a table

Wdding Grooms Mum and Dad Wedding with grooms family - Copy The grooms family

The Brides FamilyWedding party brides family

TWedding groom and Mum

Wedding fire s'more